Thursday, March 8, 2012

Web Tools 11

1) I think Youtube is a valuable tool in the wealth of visual demostration of mathematical concepts.  At the beginning of a new section of material I will have students find various videos of the math in motion as well as the concept in the real world (nature, economics, etc.)

2)  Through technology is the way students communicate and see the world so in order to really reach them the material needs to be presented in their language, via digital tools.  Homework and projects need to be transformed to incorporate technology.  As this happens I believe teachers will see an heightened interest and more vested approach to the students' schoolwork.

3)   The user-friendliness of the tools was really nice.  Using the various tools such as Twitter, MakeBelifeComix, and imbedding videos from Youtube is actually very simple and something that can be injected into a lesson very easily in order to liven it up and generate interest from students.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Web Tools 10

1)  Things that students should understand about being good digital citizens is not only pandering or contributing towards inappropriate web content (although that is one), they need to explore the web, taking advantage of the good there is out there, as well as contribute to the resource, create web-powered ideas that will foster web projects all over the world.  They need to take the web to a new level and make people see it as a tool they haven't before.
2)  Atomic Learning's Creative Commons workshop on licensing creative work will be helpful when encouraging students to create web work
3)  I think a good way to teach digital citizenship is to compare how students learned 20 years ago and the capability of learning now with all the web tools available.  I think it makes the current situation look very exciting.
4)  I think parents will get involved by watching their children becoming engaged in their web projects.  Through the projects the parents will see the true capabilities of the web and encourage this path of thinking.      

Web Tools 9

1)  It is important to tie the technology to the objective because technology is the voice of the students, how they communicate nowadays, and the best way for the material to connect to them is through the voice they understand.
2)  Students need to be held accountable for the stations/centers to create a vested interest in the material.  The students should want to understand and succeed in at the stations.  Through that the learning will me much deep and profound.
3)  I really liked Interactivate and Manipula Math.  They bring interactive visual representations of complicated concepts. These help the student really understand the mechanics of the concepts and what affects what.  The students could be given analysis questions to be solved by investigating parameter changes on a certain application.
4)  Some cool apps that could be used are Educreations Interactive Whiteboard and Mover Lite.  I see the students all communicating with the ipads, exchanging ideas.  Group research rojects with each students' ipad their own research tool and then all sharing their findings.
5)  The ipad can also be a quiz show "buzzer", entering in their answers with the ipad.

Web Tools 8

I think the ipads will be very helpful in the classroom this fall.  As I have had an ipod and iphone for some time I was very happy to realize that I was familiar with many of the features and naigation of the ipad.  Being able to sync all the devices in my room with pertinent apps will be very helpful.  The fludity of navigation and the intuitiveness of controls on the ipad will make for a smooth learning experience for the students when we are exploring math-based apps.  On days when we use the ipads there will a a set routine (certain handlers to bring out and put away the ipads, ipad counters, etc.) to ensure that all the ipads are accounted for and being used properly.

Web Tools 7

There are many ways to collaborate with another classroom.  Two easy to use tools for this would be Dropbox and Google Docs.  All the students in both classes would have immediate access to and be able to update and modify documents and information from the other classroom.  Information would be exchanging hands in real time.  A online collaborative project would be to collect real world exponential function examples and compare the rate at which the dependent value grows or decays.
a)  The students will compile real world examples of exponential growth or decay and compose a function with real world data supporting their function
b)  This project will take place during the exponential function section, after they have become familiar with the nature of the function
c)  Dropbox
d)  Students will find real life examples of exponential growth or decay (populations, diseases, etc), supported with real-life data.  The students will then compose a function that models the data and will put this information into a document which will be placed into Dropbox.  Students from the other class will be able to access this and contribute towards fine-tuning or adding to the research.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Web Tools 6

I obviously have a Blogger account as this is being posted there, useful in keeping the students up to date on various developments in the course.  I also set up my Twitter account,!/MrBilesMHS, which is very useful in giving immediate information o students, such as a change in tutorial hours or location of a make-up test.  Also encouraging student discussion on different material to get immediate feedback on certain concepts would be great as well.

Web Tools 5 (Creating on the Web)

I think the tools used in Web Tools 5 are a lot of fun and bring a fun and personal slant to the material.  A teacher can make films and comics about the material with students' pictures and personalities interjected into the lesson.  With my comic strip I played on a saying I often use in class (the "Y" not)

and with the video I used an old-timey format with some pics of some of the things I love, the vast majority unknown to kids or a sure sign of me being old.  I wasn't able to figure out how to insert title cards between each  pic, however.