Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Web Tools 7

There are many ways to collaborate with another classroom.  Two easy to use tools for this would be Dropbox and Google Docs.  All the students in both classes would have immediate access to and be able to update and modify documents and information from the other classroom.  Information would be exchanging hands in real time.  A online collaborative project would be to collect real world exponential function examples and compare the rate at which the dependent value grows or decays.
a)  The students will compile real world examples of exponential growth or decay and compose a function with real world data supporting their function
b)  This project will take place during the exponential function section, after they have become familiar with the nature of the function
c)  Dropbox
d)  Students will find real life examples of exponential growth or decay (populations, diseases, etc), supported with real-life data.  The students will then compose a function that models the data and will put this information into a document which will be placed into Dropbox.  Students from the other class will be able to access this and contribute towards fine-tuning or adding to the research.

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